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Water being the fundamental requirement of life is not accessible even for drinking in the some rural communities of KPK where the people use rain water stored in ponds and ditches from where the animals also drink water and put their waste products in the same water. In case of dry season when the rain water is not available then the women and children in such communities travel quite long for several kilometers to bring water on donkeys, camels or women on their heads when animals are beyond their financial limit.

The women dumped clothes for two –three weeks, take them for three –four kilometers to the source of water, wash and spread these there and wait for several hours till these dry up in the open air. This arrangement where it is unhygienic, at times create several undesirable problems for the community individuals which results into undesirable consequences making the life of community individuals more difficult.

This is the reason that most of the children in such communities die at the age of 2-4 years and the men and women suffer from epidemic diseases like cholera and tuberculosis etc. The children normally suffer with polio, stomach upset and mental retardation. To avoid undesirable happenings and provide hygienically clean drinking water at the nearest possible distance, IORD intends to launch an extensive scheme for installation of hand pumps, pressure pumps and tube wells according to the population and location of the communities purely on merit. Once the water for drinking and other human use is made available, then extensive scheme will be launched for storing rain water and later on its use for irrigation of the vast land lying barren due to lack of water thus increasing its production. The occasional rain water which goes just wasted into rivers, will be preserved by constructing small dames at suitable localities in the rural areas from where it will be used for irrigation through cemented supply channels to avoid little lose of water. In this way the barren land will be made productive where the community individuals will be self employed leading and have  better living. The overall impact of this will be elimination of all sorts of evils prevailing due unemployment of the community individuals.