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Education, one of the basic needs of human being, is given little attention by all concerned. It is because of this reason that government school in the rural communities are in pathetic condition resulting in very low literacy rate there. Urban communities are sufficiently ahead because of Private Educational Institutions where the people can afford the high fees.

In rural communities most of the people are living below poverty level, so they cannot afford high fees of the private educational institutions thus they remained deprived of getting education required for their adjustment in suitable government departments where they are able to earn to fulfill their minimum basic requirement. Education unit of IORD will strive hard to present this poor state of education to the concerned donors and will make concerted efforts to convince them and get required funds. on getting funds it will incorporate establishment of community education centers for the poor in those rural areas where education facilities do not exist at all and will improve the existing schools by providing the required facilities which do not exit due lack of finances and poor management structure. Its education unit is conceptually entrenched in the idea of holistic grassroots development and access to better education being a necessary condition for progress. Through thisunit efforts are being made to impart quality education to both genders, as attainment of mother education is very much important as far the proper grooming of the children is concerned. In the areas, where the female are deprived of proper education due to one or the other reason, there the females get married too early giving birth to children most of which die just after birth.

On the other hand in society where the mother attain proper education, the children health and well being is reciprocally effected. Similarly a higher ratio of female literacy reduces the incidence of maternal and child mortality, early marriages and unwillingness to use contraceptives and medical services. In rural areas generally the males are considered much superior than females which is reciprocal to poverty and illiteracy. Education unit of IORD aims to finish this difference and bring women in equal status with men so that men consider women their equal life partner thus providing them equal chances of access to better education in the far flung areas who have so far been restricted to their homes only. Thus through proper education men and women will be awareness of their basic right as community member enabling them to take active part in socioeconomic activities of the  community and to realize their due importance in decision making.

Since girls of the rural communities can not continue education beyond primary level due to non availability of separate girls school in the community and they can not go far off girls schools due security reasons. Opening of separate girls middle and high schools inside the rural communities is the core issue of IORD Education Program where all out efforts will be made to impart quality education in conducive, secure and tension free environment by employing qualified and experienced female teachers. Expectedly the girls completing education from such schools will be able to adjust themselves any where in the colleges for getting higher education and will be able to become independent in their practical life thus useful citizens of the country and suitable partner of man.

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