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Health is a major problem in rural areas where quite large number of individuals loose their life merely because of non availability of health services and people cannot afford to take treatment from the civil health centers due to poverty. This problem is quite alarming among the  women & children. According to a recent survey report carried out in KPK, about 275 women in rural area and 380 in tribal area out of one lace die away during delivery because of their poor health and non availability of proper health centers in these areas. In most of the areas the women are not having the facilities to get iron syrup required during pregnancy due to which women become so weak that loss of only 500 ml liters blood during delivery results into their death. To avoid death of women during delivery and to enable them to give birth to healthy children who can survive under extreme climatic conditions of the rural areas, IORD seeks to deliver quality health services by establishing community health centers for poor individuals. IORD is conceptually entrenched in the idea of holistic grass roots development and access to better health being a necessary condition for progress. It is a common experience that good health of mothers because of proper diet during pregnancy results into the birth of healthy children. Similarly increase in the literacy of women reduces the incidence of maternal and child mortality, the core issue of IORD.

In areas where women mobility and interaction is restricted due to non availability of health centers at their access, IORD will manage to increase the women access to better health care centers by establishment of health centers at their easy access. By doing so death rate of women during pregnancy will be sufficiently reduced and will promote their health and health of their children.

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