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The population has increased many folds and is still increasing at a very rapid rate due to which all basic necessities of life has also been increased at the same rate. Due to tremendous increase in population the disposal of their wastes has become a problem which are thrown away in the open spaces right in between houses which become the breeding places for all types of germs thus ultimately results in different types of diseases on one hand and give a very shabby look on the other hand. The government municipal committees, responsible for proper disposal of all such wastes have failed to perform its task efficiently and effectively. To clean such heaps of wastes and dispose them properly, IORD has a plane which will be implemented in two phases. In the first phase the heaps of wastes lying in different places will be disposed off with the assistance of Local District Government. In the second phase, proper permanent wastes storage tanks will be constructed where possible and mobile wastes boxes will be placed where permanent ones cannot be constructed. In this way wastes will be confined in limited places and will not be dispersed/scattered making the entire localities of the living area dirty and unhygienic.   Then Local District government will be contacted to take over all these and ensure to collect wastes from these waste storage places regularly on daily basis so that health hazards are sufficiently reduced.

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