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Livelihood unit of IORD seeks to enhance productivity of the individuals of the rural community through Adult Literacy Skill Development (ALSD) in the vocational centers to be opened where skill training will be imparted according to the mental caliber of the individuals. These centers will be managed by  qualified and experienced staff to be hired for managing these centers who will be clearly told the aim and objectives of the IORD in general and of these vocational centers in particular. In case where establishment Vocational centers is not feasible due to non availability of trained staff, the individuals will be trained in the nearby vocational centers established by IORD or they will trained in vocational centers other than these for cost of which will born by IORD. In this way individuals will be made capable of self employment increasing their livelihood. To ensure that these vocational centers are being manage/run efficiently and effectively duties of each individual are reflected in writing clearly with the consent of all members of Board of Directors in the Manual of IORD.  It is known through IORD monitoring and evaluation (M&E)  system, charted comprehensively how far the manual of the unit is being followed, all concerned are doing their assigned duties efficiently and each one is directed there & then for any of his  short comings if any.

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