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Social mobilization means the involvement of community individuals in the development project being launched for the development and improvement of life in the community. This concept of social mobilization emerged from the recognition that a genuine participatory approach is essential for success and sustainability of the project. Concerned community individuals participation in the development process is increasingly recognized by development agencies and government for ensuring transparency and accountability of the project being undertaken. Moreover, to launch a development project in unknown area with out the involvement and intimation of locals of the area, one comes across a number of obstacles and hindrances. To overcome all the obstacles/hindrances and complete the project in the specified time period with no untoward situation, the local’s assistance and cooperation is always required which plays a pivotal role. This is only possible provided the individuals of the community are involved in the development process from start till its end. The participation will be universal in which the representatives of man, women, little rich, poor, advantaged and disadvantaged members of the community will be involved so to make the development process successful. It is because the main aim of social mobilization is to organize the community individuals for collective action by pooling their resources to resolve their common problems and to ensure community development. Through social mobilization men and women are empowered to decide their own common problems and seek solution according to their own conveyance as opposed to government where decision are imposed.

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